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If you have inexplicable allergies, your home smells musty due to water damage, or there are stains on the ceiling, your property may have a mold infestation. Contact a reputable and qualified mold treatment company in Burbank, IL such as ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services. Our Illinois licensed mold remediators and removal experts will employ cutting-edge equipment like as infrared thermal cameras and moisture meters to assess whether or not mold is present and, if so, how much. From there, we will be able to create a mold removal program that will thoroughly eliminate the mold from your property and repair the surrounding surroundings.

Mold is a significant problem that can have a number of harmful effects for your health and the safety of your house or company. If you suspect you have mold, you should contact ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services right once. Remember, if you notice mold, there is probably a lot more that you don’t see. Only a professional can identify and thoroughly eliminate mold from your home or business facility.

To set up a time for mold tests and removal, call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services at (847) 851-4436 or send us a message online.

All mold remediation jobs are different. Most remediation jobs contain several of the same steps, including:

Mold Removal

Call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services at (847) 851-4436 or message us online to schedule mold testing and mold remediation.

Effective Methods for Mold Testing

Understanding the importance of a healthy living environment, ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services offers exceptional mold testing services to identify and address potential mold issues in your property. Our service is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of your family or employees by accurately detecting the presence of mold. The following are refined explanations of typical mold testing methods:

Air Sampling

Aims to measure the concentration and kinds of mold spores in the interior environment.


Collecting air samples from various areas on your property to identify and quantify mold spores.


Assesses air quality and finds hidden mold sources, as airborne spores may be invisible but still pose health dangers.

Surface Sampling

Aims to identify mold kinds on surfaces with visible or suspected growth.


Collecting samples directly from impacted surfaces, which may include swabbing or lifting them.


Provides a comprehensive knowledge of mold existing on surfaces, allowing for more focused mold treatment solutions.

Tape Sampling

A straightforward way to analyze specific mold kinds in concentrated locations.


Apply transparent tape to a mold-affected surface, then remove it and examine it under a microscope.


Provides a quick and simple method for detecting the presence of mold on diverse surfaces.

Call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services at (847) 851-4436 or message us online to schedule mold testing and mold remediation.

Enhanced Crawl Space Encapsulation for Mold and Mildew Prevention

The sealing of your crawl area is an important step in keeping your home healthy and dry. Controlling the amount of wetness in your crawl space will greatly lower the chance of mold and mildew growth, making your living space safer and more comfortable.

Our Comprehensive Encapsulation Process:

  1. Structure Inspection: Carefully look at the building’s structure to find any problems that might be happening.
  2. Damage Source Identification: Figure out where the water is coming from, whether it’s outside or inside.
  3. Fixing Damage: Take care of and fix any places that have been damaged by water or fire.
  4. Taking away and keeping safe valuables: Take belongings and tools out of the work area safely and keep them safe.
  5. Restoration and Deodorization: Revitalize the damaged areas completely, making sure to get rid of any bad smells and microbe growth.
  6. Restoring Displaced Items: Once the sealing process is over, carefully put all the items and tools back where they belong.

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Water Damage Detection

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When you hire ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services to encapsulate your crawl space, you choose a home that is healthy, more comfy, and uses less energy. Say goodbye to problems caused by moisture and hello to a healthier, cleaner living area.

Call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services at (847) 851-4436 or message us online to schedule mold testing and mold remediation.

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