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The way that discarded latex gloves are revolving into a typical sight shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As a common sight nowadays all across Chicago, latex gloves litter our city walkways and parking areas. In the current situation of the pandemic, which is creating an ever-changing maze of problems. It’s difficult to tell when things will eventually get back to normal.

Until then, disposal of latex gloves is a new normal issue which we have to solve right now.

They Clog Our Sewer Systems

Take a solitary ride along with your favorite bike across the streets of the city. You’ll most likely observe latex gloves thrown to the ground. They’re normally simple to spot. Generally bright blue or yellow, we see them hurled aside in the parks and dropped in front of supermarkets.

Now consider all the discarded latex gloves that we don’t see.

They advance into the city drainage framework where they overload and clog the sewer system. Someday even after we get out the COVID pandemic, many people may well keep wearing gloves for personal protection.

The potential for latex gloves to overpower and defile a community’s framework is immense.

Disposed Latex Gloves Are Medical Waste

The coronavirus can live for a few days on surfaces and materials. A disposed of glove can pass along the infection to any individual who may contact it. A latex glove that has been left on the ground after contact with COVID-19 contamination turns into a sort of clinical waste.

At some point when the same glove washes down to storm gutter, it can convey the dangerous pathogens into the metropolitan sewerage framework. For our worse, if heavy rain floods the area, the coronavirus can be present in floodwaters and sewage reinforcements.

The outcomes could have devastating effects on our water treatment facilities.

Think About Who We Put Into Danger

We put on latex gloves because we have to protect ourselves from COVID-19. Our families rely upon us and we do everything we can to guard them. They wear gloves as well. Containment against the infection is demanding for everyone.

People Wear Mask for COVID-19 Prevention

When utilized latex gloves aren’t discarded appropriately, they can breach our control techniques and can no longer secure us from the pandemic.

Rather, a disposed latex glove can become a genuine risk to who might come in contact with them. The list of conceivable outcomes is very concerning.

Think About the Impact on Our Planet

While disposed latex gloves represent a hazard to our health, they can additionally drag many long-term problems for the planet. Depending upon how the gloves are manufactured, they’re very well can be viewed as biodegradable.

However, the procedure will take years.

We’re All Part of the Solution

Every last one of us has a straightforward, ground-breaking approach to battle disposed of latex gloves. Whenever you go out wearing protective gloves, take along a sealable plastic sack for disposal. Pack the pre-owned gloves and hurl in a close-by garbage can, or discard them when you return home.

Imagine your activities increased by countless others. Harness the collective strength of social media with a hashtag that brings attention to the problem. Share your thoughts on how to mitigate the coronavirus in your work environment or how to deal with it by staying at home.

Here at ServiceMaster QRS, our groups are in the field each day. By working with others across Chicago, we’re chipping away at New Normal arrangements. We realize you are as well, and we thank you for doing your part.

It’s only one set of latex gloves, yet it has such a major effect.