ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services offers Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup Services for both Residential and Commercial Properties in Chicago, IL

Get Help for Fire Disasters in the Home

Witnessing your home and cherished belongings consumed by fire can be among the most traumatic experiences a homeowner can face. In the wake of such catastrophic loss, comfort comes from receiving clear direction and assistance in recovering as much as possible from the effects of fire and smoke damage in Chicago, IL.

Whether it’s a minor kitchen fire or a major disaster, all fires demand detailed cleaning. Acting fast is essential to avoid more harm to your property or possessions. Cleaning up every trace, even using a vacuum for tiny particles, is vital. At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services, our team consists not just of skilled experts but compassionate individuals dedicated to returning you to your home right away.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services professionals use advanced equipment to remove persistent fire smells and residue, mend your building’s structure, and minimize lasting smoke impacts. We also clean up any residual ash or soot and make sure all rooms are well-aired, ensuring your home is ready and safe to live in again.

We are committed to guiding and updating you throughout the entire fire damage restoration and cleanup process, backed by our experience of over 25 years. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is your best choice for restoration and cleaning services in the Chicago area.

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Common Types of Fire

Residential Fire Damage Inspection


Our Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup Services Include:

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Cleanup

Structural Cleaning

Residential Fire Damage Inspection

Even after the fire stops, the harm doesn’t. A lot of materials in furniture and floors are artificial. When these burn, they cause complex chemical reactions that ruin them and leave them irreparable in a matter of days. Our team at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services knows how to handle these chemicals to save and clean your precious belongings. We can even get rid of soot from things like metals, stone, tiles, and fabrics in furniture and carpets. Acting fast can help save more of your things.

Content Removal/Packing

Residential Cleanup Service

When a fire happens, your personal items often get damaged. To restore everything properly, we often need to take out these items from your home. This helps us not just restore the property, but also your clothes, furniture, and more. Even if some items are not affected, taking them out ensures a smoother and more effective restoration process.

Fire Damage Dos and Don’ts from ServiceMaster Restore

What to Do If You’re in the Middle of a Loss

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Water Damage Detection

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Fire damage restoration is not a DIY job. Fire residue is hazardous to human health, and at the same time, improper restoration techniques can only worsen the damage. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services has the experience and equipment needed to perform the job properly. No emergency is too small or large for our team!

Call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services today at Chicago: (773) 362-2667 or Suburban Areas: (847) 851-4436 or message us online to schedule an appointment. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in restoring your property back to normalcy in Chicago, Illinois.

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