Restoring More Than Structures, Rebuilding Lives

At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services, we understand that the impact of a disaster extends beyond just the immediate damage. It disrupts the very essence of your comfort and daily life in Chicago, IL. That’s why our reconstruction services are designed to seamlessly transition from disaster restoration to full-scale reconstruction, ensuring your residential or commercial property is not just restored, but revitalized.

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Full-Service Reconstruction Solutions

Our skilled craftsmen and technicians specialize in bringing structures back to their original state, if not better. Here’s a glimpse into our comprehensive reconstruction services:

Ceiling Repair

The overhead spaces of your property are crucial for both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re dealing with water damage that’s left your ceiling stained and sagging or fire damage that has compromised its stability, our team is equipped to repair and restore your ceiling to its pre-disaster condition, with attention to safety and quality craftsmanship.

Drywall Repair

Drywall can easily be damaged by water, fire, or impact. Our professionals meticulously assess the damage and perform precise repairs or replacements. We match textures and paint to ensure that the new drywall blends seamlessly with your existing walls, leaving no trace of the damage behind.

Flooring Repair

From hardwood to carpet, tile to laminate, our flooring repair services are comprehensive. We not only repair the damaged areas but also work diligently to match materials for a flawless finish. Our goal is to ensure the new flooring is indistinguishable from the undamaged sections, providing a foundation that feels brand new.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms often bear the brunt of disaster damage. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services goes beyond mere repairs; we offer complete remodeling services that can update the look and feel of these essential spaces. Whether it’s replacing cabinetry, refinishing surfaces, or updating fixtures, our team can transform your vision into reality, all while adhering to the highest standards of quality and design.


Our Reconstruction Process

Our process is rooted in open communication and precision:

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Water Damage Detection

Professional Assistance with Insurance Claims

The process of managing insurance claims can often seem overwhelming, but you won’t have to face it by yourself. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services offers professional assistance every step of the way during the insurance claims process. We’ll help you comprehend your policy details, meticulously document the damage, and optimize your claim’s potential. We liaise with insurance providers, representing your interests, to secure a just and expedient resolution.

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