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The carpet in your house reflects your life, with stains from spilled cola, pet accidents, and muddy feet. While stain-removal products and regular vacuuming help, they can’t match the cleaning power of professional carpet and steam cleaning.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services can effectively remove the signs of everyday living, including allergens, dirt, and deep-seated odors within your carpet. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. Our insured and well-trained technicians use expert cleaning equipment to ensure your contentment. They receive thorough training in stain removal, carpet fibers, and the operation of steam and carpet cleaning equipment for exceptional results.

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How Often One Should Steam Clean the Carpet?

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services recommends carpet cleaning frequency based on daily foot traffic. All carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. For lower foot-traffic areas, cleaning every 18 months is acceptable, while high-traffic areas should be cleaned quarterly.

Commercial offices typically have high-traffic areas that need daily maintenance and cleaning. For homes with smokers, pets, children, or significant foot traffic, it’s advisable to clean carpets 2-4 times annually.


The Necessity of Carpet & Steam Cleaning

Regular carpet maintenance is crucial because carpets can quickly deteriorate and accumulate various contaminants, even if they appear clean. These contaminants can compromise indoor air quality. To ensure your carpet remains in good condition and free of hidden dirt, it’s essential to seek professional cleaning services.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services offers expert and affordable carpet and steam cleaning services to restore your carpet’s beauty. Their state-of-the-art equipment efficiently removes liquid and dissolved dirt from carpet fibers. Their specialized services include carpet and steam cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, and carpet shampooing, providing a comprehensive solution for your carpet needs.

Hire Professional Carpet & Steam Cleaning Services

Carpets often accumulate dirt, leading to issues like mold and stains. Our expert team provides comprehensive services to make your carpets spotless and enhance your living environment. We use high-quality cleaning solutions to maintain the carpet’s thread strength and specialize in stain and mold removal.

When you choose our services, you’ll experience top-notch carpet and steam cleaning. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services employs advanced equipment and premium cleaning materials to provide thorough and deep cleaning for your carpets. Our well-trained technicians adhere to the highest standards of carpet cleaning, whether it’s in your office or home. They come to your location to perform the cleaning job.

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