Professional Disinfection and Biohazard Cleanup in Chicago, Illinois.

Preventative cleaning and decontamination for virus and bacteria is crucial to reduce the risk of infection. It involves cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects in both residential and commercial settings to minimize the transmission of the virus. It’s important to remember that cleaning and disinfecting are only one part of a comprehensive prevention strategy. Other measures like vaccination, mask-wearing, and social distancing are also essential in reducing the spread of the virus.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services volunteers precautionary cleaning and disinfection standard sanitation procedures to ensure the cleaning & and decontamination virus and bacteria. Profoundly inflated with expertise in environmental science and in-house remediation, our dedicated crew of hygiene specialists conducts top-notch asepsis measures to confirm ultimate safety for our clients.

For meticulous Preventative Cleaning and Decontamination, your safety is our priority. Reach out now at Chicago: (773) 362-2667 or Suburban Areas: (847) 851-4436 to secure your estimate.

For effective sterilization, our service essentially focuses on two operating procedures.

Preventative Sterilization

Our elemental cleaning protocol addresses any preventative cleaning needs for those places that have a high uncertainty of infection or are in need of proactive safekeeping to preserve their customers, residents, or patrons.

Our sterilization hygiene management has further created a two-stage precautionary sterilization approach to implement the most resolute cleaning possible.

Our first step involves the disinfection of all horizontal surfaces as well as any high-touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, escalator rails, and so on.

Our subsequent duty practices a functional aerosol arrangement to implement the most exhaustive coverage and disinfection of your place. We adopt EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants throughout the whole sterilization program.


Virus Decontamination

This critical purification procedure relates to any facility that believes it has been imperiled by the COVID-19 virus or has a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

If your facility has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 coronavirus, our Recovery Management grants stabilized decontamination solutions to ensure thorough purification of the place. Our dedicated crew of industrial hygienists executes a facility disinfection plan that includes-

We have a transparent project communication plan to keep all stakeholders updated each step of the way. We completely understand that often the impact of exposure to a virus goes beyond the facility itself and affects the morale of personnel, customers, residents, students, and even the general public.

Having an effective cleaning & and decontamination plan completed by leading experts in the field of clean-up and remediation is critical.

How Practical Our Services Are?

Established protocols are only effective if the technicians implementing them are properly trained. This is where ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services preventative cleaning really excels compared to a standard cleaning or janitorial company. Dividing our sanitary approaches into two significant operations not only maximizes the effectiveness of sterilization or decontamination but also reduces needless expenses.

Both preventative sterilization and decontamination orders include special terms for sanitation to disinfect.

We utilize strict personal protective equipment (PPE) measures for all workers during the whole cleaning activity. Fighting against the COVID-19 coronavirus is not the first case we are dealing with, rather we possess years of earlier experience in handling related outbreaks and pandemics such as SARS and MERS.

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Why You Should Choose ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services in This Global Crisis?

We have extensive experience in biohazard and trauma cleanup, including previous coronavirus outbreaks like SARS. Our trained technicians prioritize safety and prevent cross-contamination. Our project managers offer pricing for facility cleaning, customize plans to address concerns, and schedule services during off-hours to minimize customer disruption.

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