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Hoarding can have a significant impact on your property. Addressing it is crucial to mitigate these adverse effects and ensure the safety, well-being, and value of the property. Whether you’re dealing with clutter in your home or facing the challenging task of cleaning out a loved one’s large estate, ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is your top destination for hoarding and estate cleanup services in Chicago, IL.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services understands that disorganized closets, cluttered junk drawers, and overstuffed attics can pose significant problems. Our team can assist in cleaning and restoring the home in a manner that’s respectful and understanding of the individual’s emotional ties to their possessions.

We handle hoarding situations with compassion and sensitivity. Contact ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services today at Chicago: (773) 362-2667 or Suburban Areas: (847) 851-4436 or contact us online to schedule an estimate.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a complex psychological condition where an individual accumulates items in excessive amounts, often to the point where their living spaces become cluttered and, in severe cases, unusable. This behavior goes beyond just “collecting” or having a cluttered home; it’s a deep-seated issue that affects emotional, physical, social, financial, and even legal facets of one’s life.

It’s crucial to approach individuals with hoarding tendencies with utmost compassion. They often don’t see their behavior as a problem, and confronting them can lead to distress. Patience, support, and understanding can make a big difference.

Our Complete Estate and Hoarder Cleanup Procedure

1. Comprehensive Cleanup

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services takes a thorough approach to decluttering and restoring your space. We work closely with you, ensuring you’re in control while managing recycling, donations, and disposal.

2. Efficient Reorganization

We organize your belongings according to your preferences for easy access. Expert organizers are available for complex tasks.

3. Hygienic Solutions

We help you create a plan to maintain a clean home, with short-term follow-up services. Our team ensures a smooth process with your control at the center.


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ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is the topmost choice when it comes to the best cleanup services in Chicago, IL. With our brief understanding of the disorder, the working procedure is quite effective.

If you’re dealing with hoarding situations, we approach them with empathy and care. Feel free to get in touch with us at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services by calling Chicago: (773) 362-2667 or Suburban Areas: (847) 851-4436 to arrange a consultation.