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Whenever you find out that the business or home has some issues with the pipes, you might begin to panic. Pipes are a vital part of the plumbing structure, and their failure can cause water damage and large messes. However, with ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services, you have nothing to worry about. Our company provides you with all the repairs you might need in case you experience a pipe burst.

The winter months bring colder weather and an increased chance of a costly problem: burst pipes. When temperatures drop, water expands as it freezes. It can exert enough pressure to rupture a pipe wall or break apart a pipe joint, regardless of the material.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services has the experience you need if you find yourself in one of these messy situations. We are a restoration company backed by years of experience. We are experts in our industry and have seen just about everything. When you find yourself in need of burst or leaking water clean-up, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

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What Causes Backups and What Happens When a Pipe Bursts?

When a pipe ruptures, it can release several hundred gallons of water per hour, potentially leading to significant financial losses and an elevated risk of mold growth. Areas susceptible to frozen pipes encompass exterior walls, the undersides of sinks, and crawl spaces. In regions with cold or warm climates, pipes may freeze due to rapid temperature fluctuations, insufficient insulation, or thermostats set at low temperatures.

Pipe burst water damage in Chicago, IL can be a significant and potentially costly problem in homes or buildings. Here’s how to prevent water pipes from bursting:


Signs that Your Pipes Need Repairs

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