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It can be expensive long-term damage when you notice a leak problem in your commercial property. Apartment water leaks are particularly expensive when they flood units and soak tenants’ belongings.

Precaution procedures and strategies can have a major effect.

As a property supervisor or building proprietor, you make every possible move to be ahead of potential problems. You can’t anticipate burst pipes and plumbing leaks, however, they’re simpler to discover when you have an idea of what to search for.

This step-by-step guide from ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services can help.

Follow These Instructions to Find a Water Leak in an Apartment Building

Hidden pipes breakdowns make water bills soar. Roof leaks transform upper room spaces into a breeding ground for mold. Water in the cellar ruins stored hardware equipment and supplies.

You can’t generally stop the damage, yet you can limit it with a building water leak detection routine.

High-Rise Building Roof Leaks

When water trickles through the rooftop, it is difficult to find where the leakage is coming from. These tips can assist you with finding the issue.

Seepage in Building Envelopes

Water leakage in multi-story properties can be caused by issues inside the building envelope. On the off chance that you suspect water is spilling in from outside, examine these conceivable trouble spots.

Interior Building Leakage

Building occupants are normally the first to spot water leaks between the floors. In rare cases, drips in hallways and stairwells can go unnoticed. Put these leak identification tips on your checklist of preventive maintenance.

Leaks in Building Basements

Flooding Basement

Multi-story building cellars fill in as laundry rooms, tenants stockpiling, and maintenance workspaces. Uncovered pipes make it simple to spot plumbing leaks in the cellar, yet don’t ignore these hints.

How the Pros Do It

At some point when you’re dealing with hidden water leakage in your building structure, the arrangement is practically difficult to track down. That’s when you need ensured professionals who utilize cutting-edge equipment intended for hidden leak locations.

Restoration experts take care of the job with precise devices that pinpoint leaks behind walls, under floors, and inside crawl spaces. They utilize electronic moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to find leaks, and they handle most plumbing fixes. Industry-trained experts likewise reestablish water-damaged materials and address mold issues.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process at ServiceMaster QRS

Drying Process

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services utilizes a straightforward three-step approach to water damage recovery. It begins with an initial assessment to gauge the extent of the damage, followed by water mitigation aimed at halting further harm. Water mitigation entails minimizing the impact of flooding or roof leaks. Lastly, our focus shifts to restoring your property to its original condition before the damage occurred. Timely contact with ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is vital to avert additional damage and costs.

Need Help Detecting a Water Leak in Chicago?

Attempting to find apartment building leaks isn’t simple. The pieces of information aren’t generally as obvious as warped baseboards or moldy drywall. When you can’t discover the issue on your own, we can help.

Consistently, we work with property managers across Chicago, IL, and suburbia to solve a wide range of water-related issues.

Our group deals with small plumbing issues, water damage restoration, and mold removal and remediation, and much more.

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