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Floods can cause widespread damage by submerging homes, displacing people, and destroying infrastructure. They are often triggered by heavy rainfall, melting snow, or dam failures. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services has an in-house team of professionals in the service of disaster recovery following floods that need special training and equipment for handling the issues caused by sewage.

Our specialists will securely remove sewage and water and clean your property effectively to ensure a healthy and safe home environment and remove bacteria. We provide 24/7 emergency response so that our team can help you restore items quickly after experiencing any type of flood damage in Chicago, Illinois.

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Threat of Floods

How Does Flooding Happen?

The water intrusions might take place in basements from the sources outside and inside the structure. Excessive snowmelt or rain could over-saturate the ground which can result in hydrostatic pressure. This pressure occurs whenever moisture outside of the foundational wall or basement exceeds the pressure inside. Naturally, water will seek the lower pressure, and the outcome will be cracks and even foundational leaks.


Signs of Flood Damage

If you discover flood damage, it’s essential not to delay; contact ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services experts for professional flood damage restoration assistance.


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Professional Damage Restoration Services

No matter what kind of flood has affected your home, our ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services will be by your side to provide the repairs you need. We can assist you with flood damage caused by:

Our restoration services aren’t limited to flood repairs. We can also restore and repair damage caused by a fire or mold growth. Our team is backed by years of experience and has specialized knowledge of the unique problems you are dealing with.

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The Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration experts of our company are certified, which means that they are knowledgeable enough to search for the best methods to use. Handling water and flood damage is not an issue for our staff of water flood disaster restoration specialists.

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Are you facing the aftermath of a severe flood? Worry not, ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is here to help! We prioritize quick action, cost savings, and reduced health risks. Count on ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services to handle the flood restoration in Chicago so you can focus on rebuilding your life.

No emergency is too small or large for ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services. For more information about our restoration services, contact us today at Chicago: (773) 362-2667 or Suburban Areas: (847) 851-4436 or message us online.