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Water is Leaking from the Corner of the Ceiling

How to Find and Prevent Water Leaks In Your Apartment Building?

It can be expensive long-term damage when you notice a leak problem in your commercial property. Apartment water leaks are particularly expensive when they flood units and soak tenants’ belongings. Precaution procedures and strategies can have a major effect. As a property supervisor or building proprietor, you make every possible

Flowing Water on the Outdoor Faucet

4 Simple Steps to Fix Your Frozen Outdoor Faucet

Every year here in Chicago, many house owners face the summertime pipe burst problem. This problem isn’t constrained to freezing weather, and this frosty climate isn’t restricted by the calendar. Plunging temperature can occur anytime in between the beautiful Illinois spring. Furthermore, it can happen in your area, as well.

Frozen Burst Pipe

How to Keep Pipes From Freezing in a Vacant House in Chicago

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you experienced water leakages from pipes in your house? What might have been the cause and how did you deal with it? This is among the few problems most residential people encounter in their homes. It is an effect of the

Holiday Decorations near the Fire Place

Holiday Fire Safety Tips for Homes and Businesses

As the holiday season casts its sparkling glow over Chicago and its suburbs, homes and businesses alike are abuzz with festive preparations. But amidst the cheer, it’s vital to remember that the season also brings an increased risk of fires. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is here with essential holiday fire

Kitchen Fire Damage

Types of Smoke Damage in Chicago, IL

In the aftermath of a fire, the focus often shifts quickly to the visible destruction it leaves behind. However, smoke damage, a less obvious but equally destructive force, can lurk within your Chicago home, causing long-term issues and health risks. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Services is here to guide Chicago homeowners

Water Leaking from the Ceiling

What are the Classes of Water Damage?

Water damage in homes and businesses can range from a minor inconvenience to a full-blown disaster. Understanding the different classes of water damage is key to assessing the severity of the situation and taking appropriate action. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Service (QRS) is dedicated to providing insights and solutions for both