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Water Leaking from the Ceiling

What are the Classes of Water Damage?

Water damage in homes and businesses can range from a minor inconvenience to a full-blown disaster. Understanding the different classes of water damage is key to assessing the severity of the situation and taking appropriate action. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration Service (QRS) is dedicated to providing insights and solutions for both

ServiceMaster QRS Chicago Flood Restoration Experts

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Looking over the fire and water damage, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by the countless things that needs to be done, but there is no need to stress. ServiceMaster Restore is at your service. We Can Bring Your Property Back To Life after Fire and Water Damage Before You Re-Enter

Serious Ceiling Leak

Why is Ceiling Leakage a Major Concern and What Should Be Done?

Ceiling leakage will always be a problem as it involves multiple complications. Be it a small apartment, a building, or a condo; ceiling leakage will always be a problem as it involves multiple complications. Be it a small apartment, a building, or a condo; leakage problem needs attention leakage problem

Fire Damage

Restoration of Contents of the House After a Fire – Smoke Damage

Fire produces 2 types of smoke damage, the invisible odor, and the visible soot. As every fire is distinctive, it is impossible to offer a single set of rules for eliminating odor and soot. For instance, smoke odor from the rood could react unusually to specific cleaning products as compared

Storm Damage

Understand How a Storm Can Damage Your Home – Storm Damage

Bad weather of all types can impact your house, and cause structural destruction, be it the thunderstorm or hail storm. You cannot foretell what type of property damage a storm can bring. Even in case, it appears that the property survived wicked winds, take a walk around the house and

Damaged Ceiling

Find and Prevent Water Leaks In Your Apartment Building

It can be an expensive long-term damage when you notice a leak problem in your commercial property. Apartment water leaks are particularly expensive when they flood units and soak tenants’ belongings. Precaution procedures and strategies can have a major effect. As a property supervisor or building proprietor, you make every