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Looking over the fire and water damage, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by the countless things that needs to be done, but there is no need to stress. ServiceMaster Restore is at your service.

We Can Bring Your Property Back To Life after Fire and Water Damage Before You Re-Enter

Fire and water damage can cause ample structural damage to your home and leave it vulnerable and risky. Not only is fire residue and excess smoke destructive for the house, but they also present substantial health risks, especially respiratory distress. Dust, soot, and ashes after a house fire can be extremely lethal. On the other hand, substantial water damage can lead to mold, fungus, and mildew problems that can entail a fortune to be spent on mold remediation to eradicate the issue.

Damage restoration is a process that must be instigated straightaway to save your house, health, and wealth. Rescue what can be rescued to avoid any further costs because the more time you leave your house defenseless, the more it’s going to lose. If your house has suffered any fire or water damage, it’s time to call a restoration team and get your home back in shape.

Fire Damage Restoration

Whether it’s a minor kitchen fire or a devastating blaze, a fire of any degree can call for a big cleanup. Speedy action is required before there’s any further loss to your house, work building, or your personal possessions. It’s essential to clean everything thoroughly, capture all small parts of remains, and debris with vacuum use. Professional damage restorers use specialized equipment to remove the fire odor, debris and make your building structurally stable again, and they further minimize the permanent smoke damage, remove any remaining ash or soot, and ventilate all the rooms to make your home safe to live in again.

Water Damage Restoration

With fire, water is complimentary. A fire of any magnitude requires a substantial amount of water to control the flames, which eventually calls for both water and fire damage restoration. Whether it’s a basement flooding, downed trees, or any other water-related damage, there’s a necessary need for water damage restoration services to prevent further damage, such as the expense and stress of mold remediation and deteriorating wood, carpet, and drywall. Whether it’s your furniture, rugs, or other possessions, the professionals can take care of it all and provide maximum recovery.

The aftermath can be devastating and disruptive, but we can help you get everything restored to normal, quickly, and professionally no matter what the disaster brings.

When fire or water complications strike, contact ServiceMaster Restore – Chicago’s best in water and fire disaster restoration, recovery, and cleanup services! Getting your home or business back up and running is our priority. Call this number now to get our low-low price! 773-388-9200