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Ceiling leakage will always be a problem as it involves multiple complications. Be it a small apartment, a building, or a condo; ceiling leakage will always be a problem as it involves multiple complications. Be it a small apartment, a building, or a condo; leakage problem needs attention leakage problem needs attention, work, and co-operation from all concerned parties. It becomes harder when the source of leakage comes from upstairs; these are the problems that you aren’t able to fix by yourself. Leakage causes molds, raises pungent odor and leads to damages that are very unpleasing to the eye. It also leads to core structural damage that is extremely hazardous.

Sources of Leakage in:

In Buildings:

What Steps Can You Take?

The very first step that is supposed to be done whenever a leakage takes place is to inform the property owner and if it is ceiling leakage it is very important to inform the upstairs neighbors to make sure that the problem is a recognized. The next important step is to move away from any furniture or electrical appliances (bulb, wires, or lamps) from the vicinity of the leakage to avoid any direct or indirect damages. If your furniture has any important photos or documents make sure you move them away. Some damages can be contained easily while some will require work and attention.

Know Your Rights

Even if the leakage is minor, do not to fix it yourself, consult with your landlord first. Identifying the source should be the first task, damages caused by ceiling leakage will always be a problem as it involves multiple complications. Be it a small apartment, a building, or a condo; leakage problem needs attention leakage are covered mostly by your lease agreement, thus make sure that you are aware of your rights as a tenant. Before you execute the work, ensure to have pictures, reliable proofs, and the necessary documents. It is extremely important to notify your renter’s insurance carrier. Contact your insurance company to file for coverage or reimbursement for damages. The property manager is required to maintain individual units and is responsible for keeping the building’s water system in good working condition.




What is Covered Under Renter’s Insurance?

Neighbor’s being the source of leakage doesn’t affect the coverage; you are liable to claim for all the damages to be repaired nonetheless. Your belongings and furnishings are covered by insurance, have a conversation with your agent to get all the details about the coverage policy in detail.

Have a proper discussion with your agent about all the benefits, as these kinds of damages need time (sometimes months) to be repaired, renters insurance does pay for your ‘temporary living’ until work is completed.

The regular renter’s insurance doesn’t cover the damages caused by natural rain. Besides, a ‘food insurance policy’ is required to pay for leaks and damages by natural flooding.

Some Important Things You Should Know:

Leakage leads to direct, indirect, short term, and long term damages. It can damage furniture, electronics, clothes, and worst of all, any painting or decoration work is damaged by the molds; it can affect small babies and anyone with health problems. Other belongings like photos and important documents are at risk.

Restoration companies don’t provide services to rental properties until directly contacted by the legal property owner, only the property owner has the authority to remove or replace structural materials affected by the leakage’ this is an important point which must be duly noted.

It is better and acceptable to have the written consent of the Landlord which can be submitted to the restoration company to start the work. Keep a hard copy of the lease to avoid unnecessary delays in the Restoration Company’s verification process.

The Aftermath

After the leakage problem is solved there are certain steps you need to take to ensure that the leakage problem doesn’t come back.

Most importantly, if there are any structural problems; pipes, ceilings, waterproofing, etc. make sure that it is done as and when recommended by your service provider.

Keep an eye for any post-work leakage problems, if any contact your service provider at the earliest. Safely store your bills, claim, and insurance documents for future needs.

Be in touch with your neighbors; make sure that you are informed about any work done in their bathroom or kitchen which has been mutually agreed by your landlord and neighbors.

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